The future is decentralised, open and interoperable

I had heard about Bitcoin since 2013 but didn’t really understand its potential back then. I only really got a bit more involved in cryptocurrencies including making small investments and passively following the space since 2017. Since then, most of my limited knowledge has come from following some of the smartest people on Crypto twitter.

Additionally, while working within New South Wales government (Australia), i also got an opportunity to write the Emerging Tech guide on blockchain for public servants in 2018. I’m now working as an Emerging Tech Analyst within the public…

A foundational pillar of Open and Decentralised finance

A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that has been designed to minimise volatility by being pegged 1:1 against another currency or price of a more stable asset, such as a fiat currency. Here’s a short video that explains the different types of stablecoins. These are roughly divided into three types:

  • Fiat-collateralised stablecoins
  • Crypto-collateralised stablecoins
  • Algorithmic stablecoins (non-collateralised)

For example, USDC (USD Coin — which is a fiat collateralised stablecoin), issued by the company Circle is backed 1:1 with a dollar deposited in their bank account (or received by Circle and managed by them)*. As shown in the chart below, stablecoins…

The magic behind the magical internet money

This is a first in a series of posts about cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and blockchain technology. Some context behind why i’m writing these posts is provided here.

For someone to understand bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, it’s important to understand what a blockchain is. Below are a few links that can get you started on understanding more about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

  • A simple intro on blockchain is written in the link here.
  • Abstract of the Bitcoin white paper, written by Satoshi Nakamoto, reproduced below:

A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly…

Asghar Hussain Kazi

Geek, crypto and DeFi enthusiast, migrant, public servant and wanderer

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